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Another quick rules update.
We have updated the rules, once more because we feel that there is a misunderstanding that led players to believe whenever something is not described in the rules, they are allowed to act like complete douches. Keep it civil, in the end of the day, ITS A GAME. You win some, you lose some

Posted on 08 Feb 2017 by ILLUXN

Fan footage on our server! Like & subscribe Kappa
Posted on 29 Jan 2017 by ILLUXN
Updated rules.
We have recently made changes to some of our rules, please read trough them to avoid misunderstandings.

Server rules

Building rules
Posted on 28 Jan 2017 by ILLUXN
Enhanced Movement UPDATE!
We have updated the Enhanced Movement mod.
Enhanced NVG effects is disabled.
Enhanced interaction is disabled.
Menu when you press ESCAPE is also disabled.
DEFAULT keybinding from now on is SHIFT+SPACEBAR.

Enhanced movement is DISABLED around bases!

To rebind it please click on read more!
Posted on 28 Jan 2017 by ILLUXN
Small update!
We have gotten a new traderzone billboard!

Posted on 26 Jan 2017 by ILLUXN

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