Server status of Arma 3/Exile patch 1.6.6
I am sure you all know, (HighestEvolutionGaming Namalsk) has been down recently. The reason is because Bohemia Interactive / Arma lll Developers have made updates that are not compatible with the current version of Exile. It’s got loads of issues from AI spawning on death, character ID and logout problems, respawning, Item duplication, Infistar logging and so on..

We estimate a down time of 24-48 hours. We are not just sitting around waiting either.
Recently we’ve fixed the sell load script, you can now move with crates and sell crates from inside your vehicle from a contents option in the scroll menu, this is separate from your vehicles inventory.
We’ve changed our helicopter spawn points via aircraft trader.
Created events for the month of December, to increase player interaction.
Added custom mission and map objects to incorporate enhanced movement on almost every building within Namalsk.
Selected a potential Black Market Trader or Smuggled Goods Vendor location, which would allow players to buy ghillie’s and all sorts of otherwise unbuyable items, the variables for this trader are still in progress but soon to come.
Previously our bounty system wasn’t fully optimized and caused some issues within the server, this feature will be put back in shortly and was removed due to the complications.

Our dev’s have updated the server to the newest version of Arma lll and spent time communicating with other exile community members to find hot fixes, script implementations and other solutions to solve a majority of the confirmed issues. For more details visit the blog, for progress on these issues.

We continue to thank you for your patience and understanding as a player within this community. All of the staff are working diligently to provide to most functional and unique experience of Exile within Arma3. Any questions or concerns toward these issues contact us via teamspeak.

Teamspeak -
Posted on 02 Dec 2016 by Mistra
December Updates and Changes.
Updates 12-02-16
Hello HEG community members, we’re happy to see such a outstanding community form so quickly in only 2 weeks of being live. We’d like to thank everyone for their patience and suggestions, in hopes to improve the server. We’ve made several changes so please read them all to get a sense of where we stand currently with development. They vary from new mods that have been implemented, Trader changes, mission and ZCP loot edits, custom mission and object edits. If you have any questions or concerns on these changes please join our teamspeak and speak to any staff members.

General Edits

Edited base building rules, lowered distances from certain buildings and traders, Introduced line of sight (LoS) rule, regarding to spawn zones.
Edited server rules, to include a illegal base’s warning system, heli kamikaze prevention rule.
Base door grinding now enabled, along with virtual garage hacking (at 10 server population only).
Three new mods were implemented to the server. To better performance and game play.
- Enhanced Movement.
- TRYK’s Uniforms.
- CUP Terrain Core.

Mission Edits

Custom transport missions added with new object layouts
Vorkuta occupation AI lowered, AI counter added, Loot amount adjusted to current difficulty.
Vorkuta buildings edited to include more ground and roof objects.
Gun, food, medic, explosive transport missions all added
Armed vehicle steal missions changed to include the following (Armed Steal BTR MG, Armed off road, HMMWV M2, Armed Prowler).

Capture Point Edits

All capture points now include the reward in brackets beside it’s name.
(Guns, Explosives, Building Supplies, Equipment, Vehicle.)
Alpha - Guns
Bravo - Explosives
Charlie - Building Supplies
Delta - Vehicle
Echo - Equipment
Foxtrot - Food & Medic

Loot Table Edits

Pistols, SMG and 5.56 Rifles added to spawn zone’s.
Military buildings added to map to increase item spawn.
Construction and hardware loot added to all industrial loot areas.
Knifes and Batteries added to industrial loot.

Trader Edits

Trader additions & Changes recently included:
- M60’s LMG, added.
- AUG variants, added.
- AK-74 variants, added
- M14/M24 Half, and Full camo’s added.
- Nightstalker Scope, removed (Only mission drop now or black market).
- Bullet Cam mag’s respect increased.
- Fullscreen TRYK NVG’s added to hardware.
- Battery’s added to hardware.
Posted on 02 Dec 2016 by Mistra
November Updates and Changes.
Updates 11-19-16

General Edits

Edited base building rules to include static traders (300m from static traders).
Added gold guns to AI and Crate loot.
Food trader moved to allow loot spawn in Tara (Changed for base building prevention).
Mission/Loot crates NO longer disappear/despawn after loading them in prowler/qulin.
Roaming AI increased to, 2 groups per person logged in.
All non persistent spawned vehicles sell price increased
Quad bike now sells for 500, previously 75 Poptabs
Tractor now sells for 800, previously 125 Poptabs
Tractor (Closed) now sells for 1000, previously 150 Poptabs
Volha now sells for 1000, previously 375 Poptabs
Lada now sells for 1000, previously 375 Poptabs
Octavius now sells for 1250, previously 400 Poptabs
Uaz (Open) now sells for 1500, previously 600 Poptabs
Uaz now sells for 1750, previously 650 Poptabs

Loot Table Edits

Created and defined a high tier loot table. The following items will be added to all mission/crates on chance determined by respect level and rarity.
Mobile Phone (Hardware Trader)
Safe Kit (Hardware Trader)
Code Lock (Hardware Trader)
Explosive Satchel (Spec Ops Trader)
Explosive Charge (Spec Ops Trader)
IED (Urban/Dug in - Big/Small) / (Spec Ops Trader)
UAV Terminal (Spec Ops Trader)
GM6 Lynx 12.7 (Armory Trader)
GM6 APDS 5 round mag (Armory Trader)
Nightstalker Scope (Armory Trader)
AN/PVS - 10 NVS Scope (Armory Trader)
MK 13 (Armory Trader)
MK 32 (Non Buyable)
M24 Gun Ghillie (Non Buyable)
ALL Full Ghillie’s (Non Buyable)
Laser Designator (Non Buyable)
Heli Pilot Helmets (Non Buyable)
Knife (Non Buyable)

Capture Point Edits

ZCP now has random spawn between a 20+ locations
ZCP Mission layout changed to prevent signature kicks
ZCP Mission/Loot adjusted based on type.
- Alpha - Weapons/Ammo
- Bravo - Bomb/Equipment
- Charlie - Construction/Food/Medic
Posted on 20 Nov 2016 by Mistra
Old weapons! New Prices.
We’ve decided to incorporate the gold guns into our mission and AI loot tables. These guns served little to no purpose to us. However these guns now sell for increased amounts in comparison to their non golden counterparts.

Added Weapons
- Taurus Tracker Gold (2500 pop tab sell price) CUP Variant.
- AKS Gold (5000 pop tab sell price) CUP Variant.
- Taurus Gold (2500 pop tab sell price)
- AKS Gold (5000 pop tab sell price)
Posted on 18 Nov 2016 by Mistra
Highest Evolution Gaming (Namalsk)
Our servers thrive on being a unique and insightful community built around a quality Exile environment. Created by staff with experience and time put into both Exile and Namalsk who’ve developed a perfect understanding of fair and progressive game play.

We have variety of mods and exclusive customization within our developed maps, that took time and dedication from our entire staff to create. With hopes you enjoy them to fullest extent and feel it provides with a unique and competitive level of Exile game play.

Please register an account to be part of the community, file support tickets, gain forum access and join the "Top 25 Leader Board."
Posted on 15 Nov 2016 by Mistra

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